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Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children receive full time education. Regular attendance is essential if children are to progress with their learning. The school day is divided into two registration sessions so, for example, one full day of absence will be recorded as two sessions.

The senior member of staff responsible for Attendance in our school is Mrs Lucy Hewerdine - AHT.

Please click HERE for the Cambridgeshire County Council's leaflet on school attendance 'Is Your Child in School Today?' We have also produced a guide which is accessible by clicking HERE.

Notification of Absence

We would expect parents/carers to inform the school by 9.30am by phone, email, or in person, if your child is unwell and unable to attend school. If we have no reason for the absence by 9.30am the absence will be recorded as unauthorised unless we receive a reasonable explanation. We would also expect to be notified if your child has a medical appointment by 9.30am. Other planned absences should be notified to the school via an 'Application for Leave of Absence' Form.


School starts at 8.50am for all classes. We believe that punctuality is an important social courtesy and regularly arriving late to school not only disrupts your child's opportunities for learning but those of the children in his/her class. Children arriving late must access the school via the school office where they are registered and the reason for his/her late arrival is recorded. Where the child arrives after registration has closed (8.55am - when the school gates are closed) the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Late arrivals are monitored by the school and interviews will take place with parents where there is concern.

Leave of Absence

Children of compulsory school age who are registered at Fourfields must, by law, attend school regularly. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 amended the previous Education Regulations (England) 2006 removing the Headteacher’s discretion to agree term time leave. As a result, all leave taken in term time will be unauthorised unless the absence is for exceptional circumstances.

Parents/Carers are expected to provide explanations for their child/ren’s absence. Please complete an Application for Leave of Absence form to explain why your child will not be in school. If permission for this leave is not granted but the child is absent, or no authorisation is sought, or the period of leave is at a similar period of time to an absence in a previous year, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. As a result, a referral may be made to the Local Authority Attendance Team who may issue each parent/carer with a Penalty Notice fine ranging from £60 to £120 per parent per child. Where parents are separated a copy of this decision will be sent to both.

If 3 or more term time leave Penalty Notices have been issued over a 3 year period then prosecution in relation to Section 444 Education Act 1996, may be considered as an alternative to a Penalty Notice fine being issued. Where a parent/carer takes a child out of school during term time for an extended period (20 days or more), not authorised by the school, prosecution in relation to Section 444 Education Act 1996, may also be considered by the Local Authority. For more information on Penalty Notices or Prosecution, please see the Cambridgeshire County Council’s website page on school attendance.

Exceptional Circumstances

The Headteacher has discretion to grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.  If you wish for the headteacher to consider your wish for leave of absence as an 'exceptional circumstance', please complete the Application for Leave of Absence form  and attach any supporting papers.  The Headteacher will make a decision and return the form with his/her decision. If leave if granted, the Headteacher will specify how many days leave is being authorised. If leave is not granted then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and a penalty notice resulting in a fine for each parent may result.

Further Information

Please click HERE to access the school's Attendance Policy and HERE for an Application for Leave of Absence Form. Please also read our leaflet on attendance and punctuality

For information regarding late collection of your child from school, please click HERE.

Please click the links below for Cambridgeshire County Council's information on: